World of Wonder

Tickets  The second addition of our 2019 Family Fun Series, World of Wonder is from Maine performer Leland Faulkner that charms audiences of all ages with the actor's imagination, the mime's skill, and the conjuror's craft. Beginning with the amazing and lost art of shadowgraphs or hand shadows, Leland conjures up an amazing menagerie of silhouettes using only his hands. He is recognized in conjuring circles as an expert on the history of this antique art. Imagine discovering a felt ring that allows Leland to become twenty-four comic characters from around the world in a matter of minutes. Discover classical magic from the Far East as a Japanese magician lets folded paper butterflies fill the air with color in a beautiful homage to Old Japan.  World of Wonder is a journey around the world that occurs in the most magical of all places, yourself.
Tickets online, at Wildberries Marketplace or phone 707-822-1575 to reserve

April 13, 2019 at 2pm - 3pm

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