The Trouble "Love rules the World" Album Release

trouble.gifBuy Tickets The Trouble releases their debut album 'Love Rules the World' at this show. Belles of the Levee will play an opening set.

Tickets (Price Includes CD) $25 Day of Show
$20 Advance (Wildberries, The Works,

'Love Rules the World' features nine original songs and is will be available for purchase on October 10, 2015. Pre-orders are available at

The Trouble has built quite a structure upon their Americana foundation. Listeners can easily pick out elements of roots-rock, country, blues, Motown, and even grunge in their music, but the band constantly pushes the limits of those genres. The group has an electric energy on stage; anyone who sees them wants to see them again.

What separates The Trouble from other bands on the scene today is their stellar songwriting. The band boasts not one, but two talented young songwriters with Marc Jeffares contributing most of the lyrics and lead vocals, and Chris Parreira providing an occasional contrast. The songs feel familiar at first, but a closer listen reveals a fresh, modern sound that does not try to mimick classic rock & roll, but instead has evolved from it. This element is complimented by the classically trained Issa Stemler on piano and organ, and a rock solid rhythm section consisting of Jeff Krider on bass, and Sam Kaplan-Good on drums. The result is a mature, razor sharp band that is destined for bigger stages in the near future.

October 10, 2015 at 8pm - 11pm

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