Real Vocal String Quartet

14_11-2_RVSQ_0215A-1200_(1).jpgBUY TICKETS     Real Vocal String Quartet combines music from classical, jazz and rock with stirring vocal harmonies. Once an all-female Bay Area quartet, the group has brought violist Matthias McIntire into the fold. McIntire joins violinist and founder Irene Sazer’s, violinist Alisa Rose, and cellist Jessica Ivry. Sazer’s vision sparked the creation of this truly collaborative ensemble that freely mixes and ultimately transcends genres. String quartet, string band, vocal quartet, jaw-dropping improvising world-music collective….pick a box and Real Vocal String Quartet will think outside it, with style. RVSQ’s surprisingly broad repertoire embraces the diverse influences of all four players, from classical, jazz, and rock, to songs and styles from West Africa, Brazil, and rural America. They play original songs and unique arrangements that pay tribute to music from Appalachia to Kenya and to Brazil, with sparkling improvisation that impresses and moves. 

Visit their website to learn more about the band.

May 09, 2015 at 8pm - 10pm

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