The Arcata Playhouse houses a comfortable and intimate 150-seat theater with impressive acoustics and excellent lighting, sound system and stage. The Playhouse presents an annual music series of national and international musical acts and collaborates with community groups such as Redwood Jazz Alliance, Center Artsl, Chris Parreira presents and Humboldt Folklife Society to produce musical events. The Playhouse provides low cost theater rental to local organizations and artists.  


The Arcata Playhouse produces art festivals and outdoor theater performances including Elemental, an outdoor spectacle and the Creamery Festival.  Four on the Floor Theater, the resident theater company, produces outstanding original theater, cabaret and storytelling performances. The Playhouse houses resident artists who specialize in graphic design, visual arts, prop making, shadow theater, theater construction and puppet making.


The Arcata Playhouse presents Excite and Ignite, the only comprehensive youth and children’s performing arts program in Humboldt County. The program includes: Apprentice Entertainment, a teen task force that creates events for teens; the Family Fun Series, a series of world-class theater performances for families and school groups; Youth Theater Workshops during school spring and summer break time; and Playhouse Artists in Schools, placing teaching artists in local schools.

The Arcata Playhouse leads the development of the Creamery District, which now has a leadership team and a website: CreameryDistrict.OrgThe Arcata Playhouse is the Local Arts Agency for the City of Arcata, supporting the work of local artists and serving as an advocate for the arts. The Playhouse works with with local governments, businesses and non-profits to attract cultural tourists and develop a viable economic model for the arts in Humboldt County.

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