Locally Grown: America’s New Food Revolution—Film Screening


Tickets This 30-minute documentary takes viewers to the frontlines of a vibrant movement in Humboldt County where committed groups of people are striving to change people’s lives through how they grow and eat their food.

Through several vignettes, the film highlights agricultural feats from the revival of indigenous fishing techniques and the re-establishment of historic grains to cutting-edge hydroponic technologies and innovative ways to connect local farmers with food-insecure families. Local producers take viewers through their daily lives and talk frankly about the challenges and opportunities for food producers.

Director, producer and HSU professor David Scheerer collaborated with Suzanne Simpson and many local players to create this special PBS half hour on the vital local food scene as a model for the nation and world on how food can be used to strengthen communities. Tickets at the door with a suggested $8 donation for The Locally Delicious Food For People Fund. 

January 13, 2018 at 7pm - 10pm

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