Les Yeux Noirs

RA-artists-HiRes-LesYeux1_web.jpgEric and Olivier Slabiak have produced a band that, while scoring extremely highly on the musical front, also come with a peace-love-and-understanding vibe fitted as standard. Considered and complex yet wild and occasionally raucous, Les Yeux Noirs (The Black Eyes) certainly give notions of musical purity a good bruising. Equal parts gypsy and klezmer (with plenty of jazzy flourishes to boot), the band draw on music from right across the region, from Hungary down to Armenia. The fast guitars, percussion, strings, and vocals stir up a flurry of activity into a musical melee well-balanced and executed. www.lesyeuxnoirs.net

March 03, 2015 at 7:30pm - 9:30pm

Will you come?

$18.00 General
$15.00 Students & Members

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