I Am Awake


Buy Tickets Two women play 8 masked characters in a vibrant serenade, full of humor, sadness, action and the everyday dramas of going to sleep and waking up.

A collective creation
Performed by Barbara Draeger & Sarah Liane Foster
Masks and Direction by Matteo Destro
Set Design by Casey James Mulderig

 A lively lullaby in 8 walks, 8 voices, 8 faces and 8 ways to end and begin a day. 

A show for all ages.

With 4 languages, Music, songs, and a clear easy to follow playful story-line we bring you masked theater like you have never seen before.

"A work of admirable poetry and tenderness, the vision of these artists ... brings much humour, joy and rhythm to scenes of daily life which are everyone's."  -- Michel Koebel, Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace

“It’s absolutely brilliant, finessed, poetic, intelligent …”-- Genevieve Stuckmann, audience member

“I recommend this! The show contains many talents (voice, harp …), and is a breath of fresh air in these dark times.-- Martine Buisson, audience member

‘Resistance is organized where life goes on – it goes on differently, but it goes on. Theatre, music, cinema, contemporary art – live art is in the streets, in small auditoriums or large halls, and it is life, liberty, hope, and love. ‘I am awake’ … absolutely a must-see: it’s international, intercultural, and … it works.”

- Michel Koebel, Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace

Tickets $20 general and $13 Playhouse members available at Wildberries Marketplace or by calling 822-1575

February 10, 2016 at 8pm - 11pm

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