First Art Market -- April 25

art_mkt_poster_graphic.jpgThe first Creamery District Art Market of the year will be held on Saturday, April 25, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Creamery Building at 1251 Ninth St. in Arcata. This is a free, outdoor, family-friendly event.

The Creamery District Art Market is a celebration of art with local artists selling high quality arts and crafts and local musicians performing in a fun and positive community event.

On April 25, more than a dozen vendors will be selling an array of art and crafts, the Arcata Playhouse will provide coffee, drinks and snacks, and there will be live music and dance entertainment all day.

In celebration of the International Day of Dance and National Week of Dance the Art Market will feature local dancers on stage all day.

The Creamery District Art Market is held on the last Saturday of each month from April through November. The Art Market has a focus on “The Arts” in the broadest sense of the idea, with the sale of all types of artwork, crafts, culinary and homemaking arts, handmade items, jewelry, decorative art and furniture, art collectables, clothing, performance art items, music and musical instruments.

The Creamery District is still accepting vendors for the August Art Market. Potential vendors are encouraged to contact the Creamery District Art Market Manager at or use the online Vendor Registration. To support our artists, the Creamery District keeps the vendor fees low: free for Creamery District members or a $10 introductory rate.

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  • David P. Joseph David P. Joseph
    commented 2017-02-28 06:45:36 -0800
    Wow i just love this free lovely event which can be spent with all our family and friends. When this was conducted i was busy in writing works with blogs. But i have been looking for the next occasion.
  • Beth Mooney
    commented 2016-08-06 03:17:05 -0700
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