Carlos Gallegos Clown Workshop

Two day clown workshop with  Carlos Gallegos (Ecuador)

Saturday, April 7 and Sunday, April 15 10-3pm  pay what you can
More information or to sign up: 

Find your inner clown, your own sense of humor and your unique way of expressing it on stage. In this workshop Carlos will explore exercises and games to to bring out the inner clown and bring that to the stage. No previous experience required.

The clown comes from the circus, the theatre, the music hall and the Comedia dell'Arte. Chaplin and Roberto Benigni are masters of this art, in which mistakes and tenderness are essential. A Clown is funny because it deals with the comedy within tragedy and the actor’s mistakes become the strengths of the clown. But what is a clown? That person who always arrives too late or too early. That little man, or little woman, to whom everything is too big or too small. That person who trips two or even three times over the same rock. That person who has a special ability for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. That musician who brings the piano closer to the chair rather than the chair closer to the piano. That Mr. Nobody who wants to be a Mr. Somebody. That marginalized person who tries to participate in society, and in doing so breaks it down and unveils it. A clown is an unconscious critic of human relations. A clown is all that and more (or less), but in essence a clown is a CLOWN!

Don’t be afraid of ridicule. It’s the key! 

CARLOS GALLEGOS (Ecuador, 1978)  

Actor, teacher, playwright and theater director, founder of the company Teatro de la Vuelta. He studied at "Jacques Lecoq International School" and "Le Samovar Clown School" (France) and "Malayerba" and "Cronopio" (Ecuador) schools. He has worked with several companies combining theater, circus and physical theater. For seven years and across five continents, he played, directed and taught for the project "Around the world in 80 months".  

He taught in "National Theatre of Havana" (Cuba), "Cirque d'Orge" and “Loly Circus” (France), "Escola de Clown de Barcelona" (Spain), "Phare Ponleu Selpak Circus" (Cambodia), Conservatory "El Barco" (Costa Rica), "National Institute of Performing Arts" (Uruguay) and some State Universities of Ecuador. He has been the instructor of 157 workshops, including clown, theater and gestural theater in Europe, America, Asia and Africa.  

Currently, he is studying at Dell'Arte International School.

April 07, 2018 at 10am - 3pm

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