Bee Eater 2nd night

BE-491_web_2.jpg Tickets Raised in the mountains of Northern California, the Clarridges are no strangers to Arcata.  Music fans might remember them as the young fiddlers at the farmers market, or from numerous recent visits with The Bee Eaters, Crooked Still, or Mark OConnor.
ABOUT THE BENEFIT:  George "Adam" Scavelli is facing federal charges from a 24 year old case for "possession of LSD with intent to distribute". Adam is a beloved member of his community. He has a loving wife, 2 year old twins, and a 5 month old who miss him dearly. They have a great team of lawyers working on the case, and all proceeds from this benefit will go to help defray legal costs.

[The Bee Eaters] combine chamber musics finely 
calibrated arrangements with bluegrasss playful virtuosity and pop musics melodic resourcefulness.
-The Boston Globe
"...old-fashioned virtuosity and a hand-molded tone that seems to well from a lifetime of loving all types of music for the pure joy of playing together."
-Marthas Vineyard Times
" come the Bee Eaters. tastefully arranged and so well played. They rescue the hammer dulcimer from all cliches, and bring the music forward to right here and now.
                                                                              -Tim O'Brien
It is a joy to hear both the exploration of this music and the grounding of it simultaneously. Also, I love the emphasis on the simple beauty of the acoustic instruments.

January 07, 2017 at 7:30pm - 9:30pm

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