Apprentice Entertainment's Gender Blender Ice Cream Social

Recieving the ice creamLast week, Apprentice put on an event that has been one of our goals for a few years now. The idea was an event to break down the common gender stereotypes and create a safe place where people could feel free to come dressed however they feel and have a good time. We combined this fun idea with the deliciousness of ice cream provided by local ice cream shop, Arcata Scoop. We had board games, music, and dancing, and everyone had a good time. One of our senior members of apprentice, Melissa, who had the idea for this event about three years says, "I am so happy I got to see this happen. Everyone looked like they were having fun and I mean, who can be sad when we have unlimited Scoop ice cream." Dash, another one of our senior Apprentice members states, "I was a little skeptical at first about the whole gender blending theme, I didn't want anyone to take offense by it, but once I saw everyone all dressed up dancing and talking I knew it was a great event." Socializing in the theatre

The Ice Cream Scooping Trio

The lobby is packed with excited party-goers.

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