Apprentice is back in action!

After a great summer Apprentice Entertainment has reconvened once again and has some great stuff planned for the coming year. We lost a few of seniors but luckily we still have a great group of teens with a bunch of new members who have really helped us out. The year got started with an awesome Halloween scavenger hunt and party (pictures to come) with kids teaming up to go on a hunt around Arcata. It ended up at the the Playhouse where DJ Debb was waiting for a great party. Now that our first event is in the books, there is much more to come. Some ideas we have in the works are another ice cream social, a flash mob, a gallery show, a talent show, and much, much more! Apprentice Entertainment is glad to be back in action and we are really excited for our up coming events.


Our Musical is Here!

unnamed.jpgHospital Heights, an original teen musical created and performed by Humboldt teens. Shows are Thursday, June 18 at 8pm (where teens free) and on Fridays and Saturdays, June 19, 20 & 26, 27.

The Arcata Playhouse's teen program Apprentice Entertainment brings to the stage Hospital Heights.  The production was devised completely by the teenagers in the program  from Arcata High School and Northcoast Performing Arts Academy and is a psychological journey of a young girl named Jenny, as she descends into the depths of the human psyche, from which she ultimately ascends as a transformed young woman. Influenced by Dante's Inferno the play visit a variety of patients in a hospital through Jenny's eye. Live music with production numbers and quirky characters enhance and keep the story moving.  Think Dante's Inferno meets General Hospital meets Wizard of Oz.

Directed by choreographer Laura Muñoz, Dell' Arte faculty member and choreographer, the ensemble cast includes Taya Ross, Elizabeth Sloan Rouse, Amelia David, Trinity Morton and AJ Murphy. Musical Director Rich Macey, who is a Humboldt State music student and an original member the Playhouse teen program writes music and conducts a three piece band with piano, clarinet and bass.

Opening night performance Thursday, June 18 is free to teenagers!  Tickets at the door or reserve at 822-1575. Thanks to our sponsors Tomas Jewelry and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Upcoming Musical: "Inhospitable"

Apprentice Entertainment is producing it's very own music titled Inhospitable. Directed by Laura Muñoz, this musical has been casted out to high school kids in the area. The script has been written by Jackie Dandeneau and the music is in progress by some Apprentice Entertainment teens. Rehearsals are underway and we are very excited as to how it is moving along. 

Apprentice Entertainment goes screenprinting

This last Tuesday Apprentice Entertainment went on a little field trip. Just around the corner at our good friend James' studio, he helped us to print some of our very own Apprentice Entertainment shirts. 1027.JPG

Anti-Prom Wildly Successful


Hello all! I know we have been a little slow on the blog lately but we're back. 

Anti-Prom was just about a month ago but we are still so stoked with how it turned out. 

UFO8 rocked the house. You guys all danced your butts off and had a great time. The entire galaxy was all very impressed. 

Musical auditions 11-2 on 4/18

Hello all! Please come by the Arcata Playhouse this saturday from 11-2 and audition for the wonderful musical produced by Apprentice Entertainment. 

The story is about a young volunteer in a hospital who meets 5 very interesting people. They all embody different negative attitudes, such as fear, despair, and resignation. In the end she meets a young girl named Hope who turns her attitude positive. 

We are looking for high school kids but anyone is welcome!

Auditions will start on 15 minute intervals. Please email to book an audition or ask any questions!


Upcoming Space Odyssey Anti Prom! - March 27


Greetings Earthlings! We have come to your land to take over the Arcata Playhouse for one radical night! In our distant land there is no such thing as this "prom", only Anti Prom. We require you to all come in outer space worthy clothes, to get your groove on and have a blast (off)! Whether you are an alien, astronaut, or other space entity, Anti Prom is a time when we can all come together and get along for the greater good of fun. So I hope to see you all there at 8pm on Friday, March 27th at the Arcata Playhouse. Peeeaacceee ooouuttt. 

Apprentice Entertainment Goes To RBGC Bowl For Kid's Sake

For the third year in a row Apprentice Entertainment has participated in the Redwood Boys and Girls Club fundraiser, Bowl For Kid's Sake. And this year, for the second year in a row, Apprentice Entertainment won the most enthusiastic team! We had a blast, and all the while doing it for the good of Humboldt county youth. This event takes place at Harbor Lanes in Eureka with tons of organizations all bowling at the same time. Each person who bowls is required to raise fifty dollars, so with a group of ten you've already raised five hundred dollars for the Boys and Girls Club. Apprentice Entertainment raised a whole $450 for the club! Get more information about they are doing Humboldt county here:


Here is our team with the trophy for most enthusiastic group!

Teens at Bowl For Kids Sake

Apprentice Entertainment's Gender Blender Ice Cream Social

Recieving the ice creamLast week, Apprentice put on an event that has been one of our goals for a few years now. The idea was an event to break down the common gender stereotypes and create a safe place where people could feel free to come dressed however they feel and have a good time. We combined this fun idea with the deliciousness of ice cream provided by local ice cream shop, Arcata Scoop. We had board games, music, and dancing, and everyone had a good time. One of our senior members of apprentice, Melissa, who had the idea for this event about three years says, "I am so happy I got to see this happen. Everyone looked like they were having fun and I mean, who can be sad when we have unlimited Scoop ice cream." Dash, another one of our senior Apprentice members states, "I was a little skeptical at first about the whole gender blending theme, I didn't want anyone to take offense by it, but once I saw everyone all dressed up dancing and talking I knew it was a great event." Socializing in the theatre

The Ice Cream Scooping Trio

The lobby is packed with excited party-goers.

Just the Beginning

Hey y'all, Apprentice Entertainment here! Welcome to the blog!

This is the first post being thrown down, but don't you worry, plenty more will soon be shoved your way! As of now, everyone will know exactly what we're doing and how, when, and why we're doing it! No more shall our doings be in the dark, for now all things done by Apprentice Entertainment will be shown to all! Au revoir, and see y'all soon!