Anti-Prom Wildly Successful


Hello all! I know we have been a little slow on the blog lately but we're back. 

Anti-Prom was just about a month ago but we are still so stoked with how it turned out. 

UFO8 rocked the house. You guys all danced your butts off and had a great time. The entire galaxy was all very impressed. 

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  • Cgi Flythrough
    commented 2019-07-10 01:36:27 -0700
    Thanks for sharing!
  • David P. Joseph David P. Joseph
    commented 2018-03-21 03:20:03 -0700
    I am really impressed and happy with the party. My friend and I attend the party last night and we totally loved it. We came to know about the day by a popular service and finally attended the day. I was a great experience and we wish to attend anytime anywhere whenever we are invited by the managers.
  • Jack kevin
    commented 2018-03-15 00:25:45 -0700
    Against Prom was a book I thought would simply be a light read. I cherished that it was told from every one of the three altogether different young ladies’ points of view. From every one of their POVs, I got a reasonable picture of what made every one of them the way they were. As they were such an impossible trio to ever progress toward becoming companions and help each other out, I cherished understanding what was energizing their choices.
  • Grace Lucas
    commented 2016-12-29 23:25:35 -0800
    Anti-prom otherwise called morp (prom spelled backward) is a get-together frequently organized by secondary school understudies as a dissent against, or blacklist of, their school’s legitimate prom, as an option festivity. Different circumstances, it might be an informal prom, arranged by the understudies themselves with the goal that it is not under the control of the school. A portion of the more basic explanations behind the production of a hostile to prom incorporate the craving to control the expansive cost of a conventional prom, to listen to music other than that normal to be played at the official prom, to have a littler, more individual social affair, ones that can’t discover a date or have been rejected for a prom date, don’t care for the nourishment, or have looser and less strict standards than the school’s (regularly identifying with dress principles or liquor consumption.