Arcata Playhouse - Building Community Through The Arts

Tower_at_Creamery_festival_2013__med.jpgOur Mission

The mission of Playhouse Arts is to use live performance as a tool to build a community that is inspired and empowered to work together for the common good.

Short History of the Arcata Playhouse

The Arcata Playhouse took over the Creamery Building’s theater space, once known as Pacific Arts Center Theater, in the fall of 2006 and the Arcata Playhouse opened its doors in February, 2007. The space was being housed by Vagabond Children's Theater when the Playhouse took over the lease. Vagabond and the Playhouse co-existed for a short period until Vagabond turned over operations to the Playhouse.

Giant_fire_puppet_photo_by_Anthony_Arnista_med.jpgWithin the first year the Arcata Playhouse formed the non-profit organization, Playhouse Arts, and established itself as a community arts center that would come to provide events and programs for youth, families and adults while making its spaces available to a wide array of local organizations. See our Programs pages for more information on what we do.

The history of the Creamery Building itself is a rich and fascinating one. The building was designed by prominent Eureka architect Franklin Georgeson and constructed in 1918 to house Central California Creameries.  The creamery business produced cheese and dried milk from 1919 through the late 1950s.  The Arcata Roller Rink used the building for 14 years in the 1960s.  Subsequently, the space now occupied by the Arcata Playhouse has housed a martial arts studio, a Zen Center school, the Pacific Art Center theater and Vagabond Children's Theater.