Jack and the Holiday Beans & New Year's Eve Speakeasy










Final performances of Jack and the Holiday Beans Thursday, Friday and Saturday, December 8,9 &10 at 7:30 pm.

Tickets $12-$8 online here or at Wildberries Marketplace 

A family fun musical romp for the holidays with a cavalcade of special guests! This years show is a madcap take on the fairy tale favorite where Jack sells his beloved cow for beans. Performed in English pantomime style with campy characters, wild costumes and rowdy audience participation.

In the tradition of the Arcata Playhouse Holiday show, this hilarious holiday comedy is filled with silly jokes, musical acts, guests galore, and fun for the whole family. Don't miss this Humboldt tradition!

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Teen Zine release event

Apprentice_Group_Photo_2016_web.jpgApprentice Entertainment Zine release, Tuesday November 1, 4 to 5pm at the Playhouse. Beverages and snacks available.

The members of Apprentice Entertainment teen group, part of the youth program at the Arcata Playhouse, have created an outstanding, unique Zine. The Zine is a small art booklet with original poems, musings and art that was created, curated, hand bound and screen printed by members of the Playhouse teen group, Apprentice Entertainment. Come down and celebrate the release of the Zine and get a copy to support the program.

Special thanks to the Sanctuary, Humboldt Area Foundation and Footprint Foundation for their support!

Apprentice Entertainment is a select group of truly special and magical Humboldt teens! The goal of the program is to empower youth to produce, promote and play in the arts to build greater community engagement and cross-generational communication. The program includes mentoring for young producers, as well as workshops and activities held at the Arcata Playhouse, and plenty of popcorn to go around! Apprentice Entertainment has successfully created, and will continue to create, many "zany" variety shows, "groovin'" concerts, "funky" dance parties, and present other musical groups and theatrical troupes. Their "spunk" and "wit" have charmed Humboldtians of all shapes and sizes – there’s simply nothing else like it!

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