A Woman's Place is in Her Home

Photo: Bob Doran

"A Woman’s Place is in Her Home” hits the road this Fall for the 2018 NorCal Tour.

“A Woman’s Place is in Her Home,” an exploration of women experiencing the largely unplanned, unpredictable realities of housing insecurity, premiered last spring in Humboldt county to sold out houses, and standing ovations. People were so moved they rallied to bring the performance to a wider audience. Unsolicited donations sparked a process to tour the show. Producers set to work planning logistics to get the cast and crew of 14 on the road.

The Arcata Playhouse in association with Arcata House Partnership and Food For People began the project with hopes to bring the distinctive challenges of being a houseless woman to the broader community. Not knowing how the play would be received, on opening night their expectations were surpassed with pronouncements like this:

"I want to say that my heart soared as I watched the brilliance of  ‘A Woman’s Place is in her Home’. The whole event was touching, from the music, performed by a young local professional, who herself has struggled with housing; to the stories, which were true, real and local - yet held universal value, and true life experience.  It is painful at times to hear the truth, yet it is deeply meaningful, and informs us as policy makers as to how to better help.
The music was memorable.  The message, unforgettable.
-Susan Ornelas, Arcata City Council

“A Woman’s Place is in Her Home” fuses storytelling, media, dance and music, performed by professionals alongside community members on stage for the first time. Jacqueline Dandeneau directs the play featuring Humboldt’s own Lyndsey Battle, and Dharla Curry, performing original compositions inspired by stories of the unhoused. Over 12 months, the creative team, Jacqueline Dandeneau, Ali Freedlund and Tammy Rae Scott documented the hardship, beauty, resilience, and resourcefulness of women in various states of homelessness, and witnessed the obstacles they face every day. The script was developed with the ensemble to bring the research to life. Many of this exceptional cast have experienced houselessness at some point in their lives. Together, throughout the production process, they shared life stories, prepared meals, broke down, held each other up and developed an extraordinary bond.  

Playhouse Arts has a rich history of producing theatre addressing serious societal issues while bringing joy and connection to the forefront and encouraging empathy. “A Woman’s Place is in Her Home” brings perspective to the challenges homeless women encounter and narrows the gap between those with places they can call home and those who do not. Whether living rough on the street, traveling, or couch surfing, housing instability takes its toll and comes with long-lasting consequences for individuals, families, and communities. The producers and their partners give voice to these stories and strive to enable our community to connect homelessness to actual people, providing fertile ground for communication and understanding.  

After each show, audience members are invited to participate in a conversation with the cast, the creative team, and representatives from local service providers.

2018 NorCal Tour Dates and Venues:

Arcata Playhouse, Thursday August 30, Friday August 31, 8 P.M.  
Synapsis, 47 A West 3rd St. Old Town Eureka, Saturday September 1, 8 P.M.  
Petrolia Community Center, Petrolia  Tuesday, September 4, 7 P.M.
Redwood Playhouse, Garberville,  Wednesday September 5, 7 P.M. 
Matheson Performing Arts Center, Mendocino, September 7, 7 P.M.
Kate Buccanan Room, HSU campus, Arcata, Saturday September 8, 8 P.M.

Tickets for Arcata Playhouse and Synapsis performances $15 

Reservations can be made by calling, (707) 822-1575.

(no one turned away for lack of funds)

Tickets information for Petrolia Community Center, Redwood Playhouse, and Matheson Performing Arts Center events coming soon. Please check back, we'll keep you updated. 

Summer Youth Workshops

Summer Youth Theater Workshops at the Arcata Playhouse

Summer is upon us and the Arcata Playhouse is gearing up for its summer youth theater workshops. There is still time to sign your child up for a fun and engaging experience this summer.  This year’s classes will featuring explorations in everything from puppet making and performance to creative movement and clowning to our very popular outdoor spectacle classes known as Pageant on the Plaza.

The schedule of classes is in three different segments over the summer with a wide variety of opportunities to fit into your busy summer plans with Puppet Camp June 25-29, Pageant on the Plaza July 9-12 and Theater Camp running July 23-27.

Costs for the sessions range from $100 for a half day to $400 for a full-time two week course with scholarships available. For further details see class descriptions below or visit our website for registration forms at www.arcataplayhouse.org/youth_workshops

Puppet Camp June 25-29 from 9:00 am – noon & 12:30 am - 3:30 pm (ages 6 - 14) consists of a puppet building laboratory during the morning session. Campers will be guided through a brainstorming, planning, and building process by the teachers. The lab focuses on building your own puppet characters and puppet stages.  In the afternoon campers will write and create original puppet plays with the puppet characters they build in the morning. Cost is $100 for a half day and $175 for whole day.

Pageant on the Plaza July 9-12 from 9:00 am - 4:30 pm (ages 9-14) is an exciting two-week adventure into outdoor performance and spectacle. The two-week workshop begins with a week of skill building during which classes are presented in storytelling, character development, construction of large puppets, music, movement and stilt walking. The second week is dedicated to applying those freshly minted skills to building and rehearsing an original production to be performed at the end of a Saturdays' Farmers Market on July 21st. Cost is $400 ($350 before June 10) for full-time two week session.

Theater Camp July 23-27 from 9:00 am – noon & 12:30 – 3:30 pm (ages 6-9)

Two classes offered are Creative Movement in the morning and Clown Town in the afternoon. For Creative Movement Children will dance, roll, wiggle, run, hop, skip and learn basic acrobatics and more in this active theatrical movement class. The teacher will work with recorded music and help the group create their own music to move to as an ensemble. Lots of energy required!  In Clown Town kids will develop their own hilarious clown characters that all live in a goofy town together and will have a comic clown adventure to save Clown Town. Cost is $100 for a half day and $175 for whole day.


Please email Amy Tetzlaff with questions or for a registration form: amy@arcataplayhouse.org

or call the Arcata Playhouse at 822-1575.

For additional information visit www.arcataplayhouse.org or call 822-1575.