Les Yeux Noirs Tuesday, March 3 at 7:30 pm

This six piece Paris based band features two violinist brothers, accordion, guitar, bass and drums.RA-artists-HiRes-LesYeux1_web.jpg Theirs is a sound that ignores the divisions of political maps, sneaks past border patrols and extends the hand of fraternity right across Central and Eastern Europe. Equal parts gypsy and klezmer (with plenty of jazzy flourishes to boot), the band draw on music from right across the region, from Hungary to Armenia. Catch them at the Playhouse! Tickets here

Creamery District Wins Non-profit of the Year

nonprofit.jpgThe 2014 Non-profit of the Year Award was presented to the Creamery District at the Arcata Chamber of Commerce Annual Awards Dinner.  The award was presented by the Chamber of Commerce on February 21 at the Arcata Community Center.  The Arcata Playhouse is the sponsor of the Creamery District.

The Creamery District was nominated by the Chamber of Commerce membership.  The top three nominees were then voted upon by the Chamber of Commerce membership in an online survey.  Jackie Dandeneau and Louis Hoiland accepted the award on behalf of the Creamery District.

Two other Creamery District members were honored at the Awards Dinner.  Holly Yashi received the new member of the year award and Redwood Raks was nominated for Best Small Business.