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Friday, November21 at 8 pm
Birds of Chicago
Featuring Allison Russell and JT Nero
Tickets $15 general & $13 students/members

Making a landing at the Arcata Playhouse Friday, November 21, Birds of Chicago centers around the duo of JT Nero and Allison Russell, who make beautiful music together. “The braiding of their singular voices is surprising and often magical,” says the Chicago Sun-Times, and it’s true. JT’s voice sounds scratchy and a little worn, like a favorite record you’ve played a thousand times. Allison’s voice sounds like Emmylou Harris on her third latté, rich, joyful, and able to go anywhere. Their music, at the intersection of folk, rock, and roots, is arresting and original. “We watched the sun dip / like a gum drop / in a tar pit,” they sing on “The Wide Sea” – and somehow convey that the couple in the song has reached a crisis. “Why did we come here? What the hell were we thinking?” They make you hang on every note till they finish the story.

For several years Russell and Nero’s respective bands, Po' Girl (Vancouver, BC) and JT and the Clouds (Chicago, IL), have collaborated extensively, but on 2011’s Mountains/Forests, released under the JT Nero banner, they tapped into the true, bewitching power of their voices together on an entire record.  It also featured the full cast of characters that would round out the Birds of Chicago ensemble -- the Clouds and Michelle McGrath, the luminous singer and picker from the hidden hills of Southeast Ohio.

The record received critical raves and won them new fans on both side of the Atlantic, and created a great deal of excitement for the first official Birds of Chicago album, released in October 2012. Recently, they released their second, Live from Space, which the website it’s only rock’n’roll called “live Americana music at its finest.” These birds can sing – catch ’em while they’re flying high.

Tickets here or at Wildberries Marketplace or 822-1575.


































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