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IMG_7787_(1).JPGThe Arcata Playhouse Teen Program, Apprentice Entertainment, is comprised of a select few truly special and magical Humboldt teens! The goal of the program is to empower and establish youths under 21 years of age, and to produce, promote and play in the arts in order to build better community engagement and cross generational communication. The program includes a mentoring program for young producers, as well as workshops and activities to be held at the Arcata Playhouse, and plenty of popcorn to go around!

Apprentice Entertainment has successfully created many "zany" variety shows, "groovin'" concerts, "funky" dance parties and has produced other music groups and theater troupes. They have and will continue to create more fun events for local teenagers. Our "spunk" and "wit" have charmed many men, women, and possibly children of all shapes and sizes. No establishment in Humboldt County compares to ours!
"The only establishment that has moved me to tears." - Stanley Kubrick
"God-DAMN that was good." - Winston Churchill
"Yes!" - Captain Falcon

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