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creamery_festival54_copy_2.JPGThe Arcata Playhouse is seeking year-end donations and new and renewing memberships.  You can go to the Donations page or Membership page on this website now.

Why donate to the Arcata Playhouse? 
Here’s why:  the Arcata Playhouse is a vibrant community arts center with the mission to use live performance as a tool to build community.  The Playhouse supports and promotes arts and commerce, presents a comprehensive youth theater arts education program, showcases excellent music and theater events and produces theater events and festivals.  The Arcata Playhouse has had a fantastic year and looks forward to a busy and productive 2016!

Some of the highlights for the Arcata Playhouse in 2015:

Family Fun Series - The Playhouse produced its tenth annual Family Fun Series this year with both daytime school performances and night public performances of Wonderheads Mask Theater, Oregon Shadow Theater and Coventry and Kalusa shows.  

Echoes of War - On October 22-25, the live performance of the powerful and moving Echoes of War program allowed veterans and others effected by war to tell their stories of coming home.  Echoes of war was aired on KHSU on November 10-11 and was created and produced by the Arcata Playhouse and Four on the Floor Theatre.

Excite and Ignite - The comprehensive theater arts education program Excite and Ignite produced  Artists in the Schools, youth theater arts workshops and the teen program Apprentice Entertainment.  Apprentice Entertainment wrote and produced Hospital Heights, an original musical theater piece, which played five nights in June.

The Creamery Festival - The Creamery Festival, produced by the Arcata Playhouse, Four on the Floor Theatre and the Creamery District, showcased fun music, theater and arts events August 21-23.

Music and Theater Events - Over fifty fantastic music and theater events were held at the Arcata Playhouse theater.

Creamery District - The Playhouse continues to spearhead the development and promotion of the Creamery District, an arts and commerce district in the neighborhood surrounding the creamery building.  The Creamery District brings together area artists and businesses, holds a monthly art market, and is now a recognized opportunity zone by the City of Arcata.

Happy Holidays and thanks for your support!

The Bigfoot Lodge Holiday Radio Hour

Poster_web_logo.jpgThe Arcata Playhouse annual holiday extravaganza returns: The Bigfoot Lodge Holiday Radio Hour. The show is a quirky assortment of music, theater and variety performance for the whole family.  Show times are Thursday, Friday and Saturday (Dec. 3, 4, 5) at 8 pm, Friday and Saturday (Dec. 11, 12) at 8 pm, and Sunday (Dec. 13) at 2 pm.

The show’s premise centers on the esteemed radio personality Harrison La Blank who comes to the Big Foot Lodge from New York City for a live radio broadcast of his very popular radio show.  As usual, music, mayhem and mirth will take to the Playhouse stage in this raucous radio drama variety show. The stellar cast of James Peck, Sarah Peters, Kit Mann, Jacqueline Dandeneau, Sarah McKinney, pianist Tim Randles and Foley artist Bayley will bring you a holiday shadow play, elves, puppets, beautiful harmonies and gut aching laughs.

There will be different community guests each night. Arcata Interfaith Gospel Choir, Bandamonium, Pacific Union Elementary, the Blue Lake Choir, the Brendas among others. Tickets are $12 general, $10 seniors/veterans/members, and $8 for kids 12 and under. Tickets are available in Upcoming Events, at Wildberries Marketplace or by calling 822-1575.

Echoes of War opens Oct. 22

Echoes_of_War_logo.jpgEchoes of War is an original performance that documents veterans, their families and survivors of war and their experiences of coming home. Featuring live music and local participants, this original production will premiere October 22-25 at the Arcata Playhouse.  Echoes of War is a California Humanities Community Stories project

Veterans, their families and survivors of war take the stage to present their experiences of coming home. Echoes of War has three elements: recording stories for a local audio archive and the Library of Congress, a live presentation of stories and a radio broadcast in November. Through a series of workshops over a six-week period, Co-producer and local storyteller, Ali Freedlund has guided participants in the art of storytelling and they have crafted their experiences into pieces to present at the Arcata Playhouse. Concurrently, Co-producer and audio engineer Tammy Rae Scott has been collecting audio interviews and images from the community at large.  Directors Zuzka Sabata and Jacqueline Dandeneau will craft the live storytellers interspersed audio interviews, visual images and live music to create the final production of Echoes of War. The stage production and audio interviews will then be broadcast on KHSU ( on Veteran's Day November 11 at 7 p.m.

Among our participants are Vietnam veterans, a National Guardsman who served in Afghanistan, a Bosnian Muslim who fled Rob__Ali_web.jpgher home in Sarajevo, a Jewish woman who was able to get out of Germany, but at the expense of a long absence from her family, a veteran of Iraq and a Navy veteran who now participates annually in the Run to the Wall every Memorial Day.

“If we never share our struggles then how can we expect society to understand this better?” project participant

San Francisco Chronicle article link.

Echoes of War will  feature banners from A Break in the Battle, a Tattoo Project from Ft. Benning conceived by Ronayne (Ronie) Dalton. Large banners depicting soldiers and their tattoos will grace the Arcata Playhouse. A Break in the Battle is partially a tribute to her son, James Andrew Dalton, who collected tattoos and by extension, to all other soldiers who have been affected by combat. More information here.

Tickets are $10/ $8 for veterans available at Wildberries Marketplace , or by phone at 822-1575.

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